Pennys Lake House is a spacious beautifully appointed home with a Florida room and pool to relax by.

Julia L.

The thing I first noticed about Pennys lake house was the cleanliness of the house. This is very important to me. There is a nice spacious living room where we watch TV and have meetings & a dining room that we can all dine in attached. The kitchen is nice & spacious with sliding glass doors that lead out to a screened in patio. Beyond that is a built-in pool which comes in handy in the hot Florida sun, it is great for cooling off and exercise. There are five bedrooms that sleep 11 girls & four bathrooms. There is central air conditioning and an alarm system for our safety. There is a bus stop three blocks away if you need to take the bus to travel to meeting’s, supermarkets, work, etc.

Donna T.

5☆ Having had the opportunity to stay here during and after treatment will always be one of my biggest blessings. I was drawn to the house knowing it was a place of support and togetherness. Those were things I knew I would need during my transition. The homeowner is top-of-the-line, she wholeheartedly cares about the women in the house. She has gone above and beyond to make sure the house is equipped and always tidy. She is fair and truly an advocate for women in recovery. This house gave me a safe place of refuge, a place to call home and a family to turn to. 

5☆ Pennys Lake House was amazing and helped me out in so many ways. Elita truly cares about the girls living there and will do anything to help you out. This was a great experience and really felt like home. 

5☆ My sisters in recovery make Pennys Lake House feel like a home. The house is big and comfy, with a screened in porch and a pool to relax by in hot sunny days. I’m grateful for my time and experience here and would recommend it for any woman looking for a safe and comfortable environment.

5☆ I’m extremely grateful for this place. I feel like I got very lucky with this being the first halfway house I went to; It’s a very good group of women, who all are doing the right things. This is a place you come to to stay a while. People don’t go in and out. It feels like a family here. The owner is a very loving and caring woman, who you can always call and know she will be there. I can honestly say I love Penny’s Lake House.

5☆ Very into recovery, chill place. Has high expectations for cleanliness, which I now understand because I go to my BF’s house and his house is destroyed compared to what I’ve been used to.

5☆ Beautiful home with a substantial pool and outdoor area. Helps remind all of its residents how great sobriety can be. Great sober women with values.
Shelby G.

5☆ Fan place to live, with the right girls. Never a dull moment.

5☆ I’m so grateful for Penny’s Lake House! Its provided a safe, very comfortable environment for me to recover and thrive. Thank you for helping me get my life back.

5☆ I enjoy living at Penny’s Lake House. Clean, enjoyable atmosphere. Has a pool!!!

5☆ Very welcoming when I first came here. Clean and neat. Always held accountable, which I like and need!